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I know of no one that likes to have his or her faith challenged. It can be scary or unsettling to say the least. It would be very wrong to disturb someone’s faith for egotistical reasons (just trying to prove oneself right). It is because our faith (what we believe) is so critically important that we want to encourage people to examine what they believe to be sure it aligns with the faith taught in the bible. Paul commended the Bereans for checking everything out (even what he taught) just to be sure (Acts 17:11).

Whenever this subject is brought up we tend to run for cover.

My older brother said, "That’s what I pay my priest for". Protestants can insert "minister" and trust their faith to what others, more trained, say.

Another is, "Why don’t you just leave well enough alone?" That’s fine if what is being taught is "well enough".

Many put their confidence in sheer numbers. If the great majority of people and authorities seem to agree on any given interpretation of the bible then it must be a safe bet. Yet, when it comes to Christianity, history has demonstrated that it is not always a safe bet. God will not be swayed by what "everybody believes". Abraham, "the father of us all" (Romans 4:16), "believed God" (Romans 4:3, James 2:23) at a time when hardly no one else did.

Our "Something to Think About" series examines certain conclusions of present-day orthodoxy that are based on church creeds formulated primarily in the third and fourth centuries. We will look at scriptures often used to support the common view to find the real meaning can be quite different.

Obviously such short formats will not allow any in-depth consideration of any subject. They will give you "something to think about" as you read your bible to see if what you believe was commonly expressed by Jesus and the apostles. In view of what is at stake, it is our prayer that you will find, believe and obey the true gospel message.